About YahGardener

He is a student of the indwelling life principle. Flowing in the mysteries of nature, and open to being an extension of love, hope, beauty, goodness, and faith. His purpose is the endeavor of empowering all to express the truth of their being.

  • Personal Power Coach
  • Fulfilled Life
  • One-On-One Empowerment
  • Optimize Mind Session
  • Speaking: Uplift, Inspire, Transform
  • Daily Flow

Formally Malachi Moses

Malachi is an adventurous soul who takes delight in spreading love, peace, and well-being. Connecting with all there is, Malachi utilizes skill along with guidance from Spirit to bring positive change, evoke healing, and excite happiness. Malachi empowers individuals to direct their energy to correct unhelpful patterns, heal from trauma, and restore their soul to wellness. He assists individuals to shift to a place of harmony, joy, and self-responsibility.

Fostering Excellence


Driven with purpose to overcome any challenge within or without. Life opens up for you in fresh exciting ways. Spark Influence with your genius, talents, and gifts.


Experience healing and harmony to the Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul. Balanced within you prosper in life. Tapped into the wellspring of life taste the splendor and enjoy satisfaction.


Embrace your greatest version! Apply systems of inner organization. Be brilliant, live joyously, and delight beyond what you can imagine. Get ready to go where you have not been!

Have Malachi Speak

In business or in One’s personal life focus, diligence, and efficiency are important qualities to be an effective force. Malachi brings a fresh perspective to effect growth, align intention, and boost morale to complete any vision. Utilizing humor to direct an open conversation to assist everyone to allow their best self. Through mutual respect and accountability, he gently holds a mirror so all can see where in themselves they are limiting their greatness.

“You were born with wings, why crawl through life?”


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