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Sunkissed Vitality is an outreach initiative started by Journey To MySelf. We intend to uplift communities through educational empowerment and support through mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

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About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where every community can empower its youth. Our mission is to invest in the wellbeing of youth in order to empower the next generation. We do that, by creating educational programs and providing necessary resources in underprivileged areas for overall wellness. We support representation and believe that leaders of multiple disciplines can influences and enrich youth through sharing their wisdom, triumphs and mentorship.

How You Can Help

Help Us build a better tomorrow for Youth from community to community. Your monetary support will create programs that foster training programs for career, literacy, and cultural enrichment.

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You can get involved today by becoming a Mentor. Sign up and you will be joining a group of change-makers, a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of children.

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Your gift will help equip children in need with necessary resources, training and education while offering the opportunity of a brighter future.

First Issue Coming April 22 2021

Sunkissed Vitality Magazine

We focus on being the change we would like to see. Sunkissed Vitality Magazine intends to uplift communities world wide through the clarity of action. By being an example of excellence, scholarship, and authentic leadership.

It is our goal to empower youth through engaging with industry leaders who represent possibility, enrichment, and vitality. We intend to offer a brighter narrative through storytelling, arts, and community involvement.



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Become a Mentor

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.

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