When You Have A Target, You Know Where To Aim

Having Clarity of Self allows you to prioritize the needs of your Mind, Body, Heart, and Intention.

YahGardner empowers you to give yourself what you need to succeed

What Excites Thrills?



Doing good is not for you to look good, it is who you are.

Your message and mission matters to you.

Giving yourself freedom to follow your passions is necessary.

Being decisive.

Treating your Wellness as a priority.

Doing what matters to you makes a thing worth doing.

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Live with Balance, Enjoy Harmony, and Live Well.
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Expressions of YahGardener  

Paint with the Heart is about expressing from a place of rawness, truth, and authenticity. To be who you are without any filters. It is my intent to express my love for art, the unknown, self care, self love, and exploring. In this world it not popular to go outside the norm, but I plea with you; be unique, put your spin on things, and show your creative light– Paint With Your Heart! — Malachi Nehemiah Moses (YahGardener)

Who Is YahGardener?

  • His common name is Malachi Nehemiah Moses.
  • He often laughs before he starts to talk, even if what he is saying is not funny. 
  • Poetry and lyrics are expressions of his heart.
  • YahGardener is a wellness coach and creative consultant.
  • Empowering others is his mojo.
  • If he had one wish it would be harmony among Human Beings.
  • Believes everyone should exercise their creative genius.
  • He loves to talk about energy management, a term he uses to explain the interconnectedness of mind, body, heart, and soul.
  • He created this community to enrich personal freedom.
  • YahGardner is love in action. 

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