This portfolio showcases various projects inspired by experiences throughout life. Below you will find poetry, short stories, and travel galleries. It is my delight to express this portion of my life experiences with you. May it encourage, evoke, expand, heal, and transform.


Expressions of Malachi Nehemiah Moses

A video that explores vulnerability, human connection, and equality.

Disturbance Collection: Unburden

Inner Peace Collection:

Moses’ Heart

Adventures of Malachi

Paint with the Heart is about expressing from a place of rawness, truth, and authenticity. To be who you are without any filters. It is my intent to express my love for art, the unknown, self care, self love, and exploring. In this world it not popular to go outside the norm, but I plea with you; be unique, put your spin on things, and show your creative light– Paint With Your Heart! <3 Malachi Moses

A Hermit’s Truth:


Let’s create something together.


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