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In your mind, are you an uplifter? What is the essence of the mental conversations you are having with yourself? Does your self talk in force peace, encouragement, trust, faith, or love?

We all go through our day with the existence of the inner roommate. Inputting on all we encounter. Your mental talk is a keen indicator of the choices you are choosing in each moment.

We are the one who is aware of this inner dialogue. This inner dialogue is a reflection of the themes and ideas we have allowed to take root in our minds.

Spend five minutes a day where you choose to be aware of what this mental voice is reflecting to you. For as you are aware of it, you see the beliefs that you have allowed to bare fruit within your mental garden. How you think, is reflected by what you feel. Your feeling will tell you if what you think is in alignment to your intention for your life experience. How you feel, directs the action you take. Your actions are guided by your inner impulses. This brings about the intended results you decided based on the choices you chose.

What you believe influences what you think, how you feel, what you do, and the experiences you produce for yourself. — Malachi M.

So, take five minutes today to examine your inner dialogue. Does it reflect freedom? Does it reflect courage? Does it reflect peace? Does it reflect love? Does it reflect faith? Does it reflect possibility? Does it reflect your intentions?

Do this as often as you like daily for 1 week. Each day write down what you observe. As you notice thoughts that do not serve your highest good. See them, and replace them with thoughts that serve your freedom and intentions for this life.

It does not serve us to keep learning without application. Use time to input practices that support your greatest version.

What you plant in your mind today, are tomorrow’s fruits you shall reap!

Your friend in the Journey, Malachi Moses

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