Reflection– Tending Your Garden (The Mind)

Where are we directing our energy (thoughts)?

What thoughts are we entertaining?

How do we feel now?

What is our overall mood when we rise in the morning?

These days we are balancing a lot as we interact with society. Our attention
is required for our professions, our family, our friends, our partners, social
media, and a host of other obligations and activities.

By the end of the week are you wondering where did it go?

What did you accomplish?

Is each part of our lives reflecting the qualities we enjoy most?

Could you use more organization and mental clarity to effectively navigate
your engaging schedules?

Taking a step back to access your true intentions, and how you are directing
your attention– May bring about a quality of ease and consistency into your
life experience.

The choices we make and what we entertain in our minds reflects back to us in the degree of cohesive and harmonious moments we experience.

All we experience is teaching us something–

Do you use your experience as a guide?

Are your thought supportive of you?

Do they promote happiness, joy, excitement, or enthusiasm?

Are you satisfied with the results you experience in your profession?

Does your at home life reflect balance and efficiency?

Are things a bit all over the place?

This guide can help you develop the tools to tap into the power of focus?

You can utilize the power of awareness to guide your mental chatter about all areas of your life?

You understand that life is flowing from you–

The experiences you have are a result of the perceptions you’ve created–The effectiveness of the value you put on things?

You determine the intention you have for life?

Begin by reflecting that overall intention in all the choices you make?

From here we create a place to dream in life… To live our passions. To uplift through the example of our uninhibited expression. 

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