Tame the Mind– tending the Garden of Potentiality

“Tame the Mind” a tagline line we at J.T.M created to remind us of the power of right mindedness. Coupled with the use willpower and personal conviction we must tend to the conscious conditioning of our mind. For we know, where focus goes energy flows. The quality of thoughts entertained in the mind projects outward the qualities of experience.

No matter the device you are utilizing to view this post. It has perimeters in which it operates to function in the capacity to which you intend to use it. To carry out that purpose it has an operating system. This system needs to be updated to support the maximum potential of the functions purposed.

The mind is a operating system as well. The thoughts are the data units it employs to manage the intention where it is focused. How you feel about yourself and that which has your attention is inputting information into your subconscious mind– the hard drive that holds the patterns, habits, and conditions necessary to carryout all task. The subconscious mind is always operating from a particular frame of mind. That frame of mind is the notions and parameters you store through, words, feelings. These influence the manner in which you act. If the possibility is not present in your operating system you are less inclined to feel like it can be true for you. Your feeling does two things. It implements impressions to the subconscious mind (hard drive) to tell it that this idea is something to be kept and acted upon. The second way, feelings indicates if you are congruent with the information your subconscious mind has stored as truth for you.

Now the information stored in the subconscious mind conveys to the universal mind or super mind (GOD, Source, Creator, Alpha & Omega, etc) that brings into being that which corresponds to the essence the subconscious mind has registered.

If your frame of mind is not up to date with your intentions you will not be acting from the full scope of ability, therefore not experience the ideas that you consciously know you want. Because you have not impressed into your operating system the necessary notions to bring that intention. Therefore, the habits, patterns, and actions will not be congruent to your conscious suggestions.

Taming the mind is two fold. You must know what it is you are intending to bring about in your life experience. Then act in the manner that says it is happening for you. In this manner of action your thoughts must reflect this new perception. Your inner dialogue should support this desired experience as if it is happening. You must not take note of adverse conditions that says otherwise for you be going against your intention. Your internal conversation must include it, for all that occurs vibrationally is a reality. You know this because your feelings will reflect that back to you through you emotions (energy in motion).

As Henry Ford has stated whether you think you can or can’t, it is up to you.

Now we must understand the mechanism of mind. The ego works from the outside in, trying to control external circumstances to bring the self image it holds. However, the feelings of faith are not gleaned from the ego chatter. The ego is operating from a more fear based way of thinking. A perspective that does not understand it true divine nature (The God in You).

All of this can not just be understood conceptually. It must be experienced in every moment of your now experience. Be present. That way you can see whether the thoughts you think, and the actions you endeavor are congruent to the intentions placed into the framework of your mind.

For instance, I recently wrote a book. Out in the field| Excite Thrills. In the process of deciding to write that book, and carrying out that intention there was notions I held within my mind that could possibly limit the book coming into fruition. I had to look within and ask myself what does the version of me think like who has written a book. I had to rid myself of the ideas of self doubt, the fear on needing to prove myself, and embody the Author I knew I wanted to be. So I begin thinking if I wrote a book how would I feel. What thoughts as a Author would have? And what am conveying to myself that supports the viewpoint of me as an Author. The major sign to know their are blocks preventing the flow of your intention is procrastination.

I initially wrote the book in spring of 2018. However, I did not have the necessary courage to follow through with being an Author. I knew that because I was not putting out the book. Why was I sabotaging my objective? Perhaps, at that time my self talk was not conducive or empowering to the idea of me being an Author. So I had to reach into the recesses of my mind and see what beliefs I held that were preventing me to follow through with my conscious intention. One being, people aren’t going to believe me because of I don’t have the resume of a established Author. So that thought kept from living my dream and a few others identified.

I then got into the feeling of my book. If it was published what would it be like. I started to see my self holding the book smiling. I heard people telling me how the book was helpful for them. I saw the book on shelves, and saw myself speaking about the book. The more I embodied the state of being an author the confidence and where with all to act upon my goal came to me.

This is what tame the mind is about. It is understanding the mechanism of the human being and utilizing the tools of conscious awareness to decide to be your Best Self.

Check out the video below to get further explanation of taming the mind.

Your friend in the Journey to your Best Self,

Malachi Moses

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