Set Your Own Standard

Have you ever asked yourself why is it I desire what I desire. Why do you want that big house? Why do you desire that car? Why do you like to shop at that store? Why do you seek what you seek?

In today’s post we examine what value we put on things. For what you value says a lot about the meanings you ascribe to things.

In my younger years I wanted the newest everything. For if I had the newest things it would say about me I was the best. In viewing the stuff that I could acquire would let other people see me as the best. I was not wanting those things simply because the joy experience, or that I just liked them. It was to send a message to everyone else around me. Look how cool I am. Look what I have.

Arriving to University this backwards way of being caused me to become a puppet of the things I sought to possess. Sacrificing my integrity at times to acquire these objects and putting in jeopardy my livelihood.

I looked around me to get an idea of how I should be, not realizing that the real me was much deeper than subjugating my worth to objects and opinions.

Asking ourselves why we value something can bring clarity. Shining light on our internal reason for desiring that particular person, place, or thing. For what we value, is where we place our worth, our attention, and our intentions.

When we examine our values, we can see why we make the decisions we make. If the decisions we make are not desirable to us, we can begin restructuring our values, and the meaning we ascribe to things. This will open up our consciousness. For what we place in our awareness, comes to meet us in the world of experience.

Out of what frame of mind are you navigating through life?

How do you view youself?

Begin Today to look within yourself. Are you living by your own truth, or are you allowing something outside of yourself dictate what is true for you?

Embrace diversity in your passion, in your expression, and in yourself. For you are a work of art.

You are worthy Always–

Your Friend in the Journey, Malachi Moses

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