Decide Freedom– Why you must examine the qualities of your choice

There was a time Moses did not understand his uniqueness. He placed his creative expression in the response of those around him. This decision to give up freedom of expression is a learned condition. Our whole existence is operated by the patterns we let take root in our minds. The choice to change what you would do out of pure desire is an indication that you have decided to give your freedom to express over to something or someone outside of yourself.

Moses was in his early years adopted the tendency to please others above himself. Instead of acting in service of others, he acted for others. Serving their opinion, and expectations of how he should be, what he should do, and what is appropriate expression of his divine creativity.

It all started with flip flops. He went to school wearing socks with his flip flops. “Whoa, that is not the way you wear those. Flip flops are meant to be worn without socks” said Alec, a close friend of his at that time.

This does not seem like a big moment, however internally it was, because it was the day Moses stopped following his heart’s desire for something. And instead, he questioned if what he was doing would look right to everyone else. Giving his power of choice away to those around him.

Time would pass, and he would see how his actions were tailored to the acceptance and permissions of those around him. He forgot his interest, his preferences, and overall his freedom to act on impulses of his true passion.

Freedom is a choice you choose every moment of your life experience. You choose freedom when that inner voice of doubt attempt to supersede your intention to dream a new experience. You choose freedom when thoughts would tell you are not enough. You choose freedom when in relationships those you hold love for do not hold the support you need to achieve your goals. You choose freedom in moments you focus to extend your passion despite what the village people may say. You choose freedom when you have experience hurt, but decide that you do not have to repeat those patterns but can learn from them. You choose freedom every moment, of everyday not to believe in anything that speaks against what you would know to be true for yourself.

As you practice this freedom, you learn how liberation feels. You now know what it is like choose to do something simply because it is what you would like to do. And now, you hold this freedom of expression not only for yourself, but you allow others to express freely. Because now you begin to understand that life is not happening to you, it is happening from you. And what you hold inside yourself will meet you externally in your life experience.

In your days moving forward, make it your desire to be the best you can be within. Let inner peace be your dwelling place, as you bring freedom into your present moments. Make note of how you feel, why you may feel that, and lastly if it serves freedom or if it serves limitation. Now make the decision whether you will continue in this pattern of thought or establish a new pattern based on the quality of your intention.

— Your Friend in the Journey, Malachi Moses

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