Daily Flow challenge

Flow in Awareness: Get Ready To

  • Gain control over your emotional state of being.
  • Reclaim your personal power.
  • Feel better and have more awareness of your thoughts.
  • Maintain balance and clarity.
  • Achieve more by bringing more desired experiences.

The daily flow routine is about setting the mood for the day. In our day we encounter circumstances that require us to act and choose. Now our choices depend on where we are emotionally.

Most times we are reactive to our environment rather than responsive. Setting a daily intention to be more self-aware and present we become more active in our daily experiences. Giving us the power to follow through with the dominant intention for ourselves.

We are constantly becoming and expanding. The question is: What are you becoming? Who are you expanding into?

Are your actions supporting your passions and intentions for your life? Or are they undermining your progress?

When you first awaken are your focusing on your problems, or setting expectations and establishing feeling to follow through with your dreams, and desires for your life experience.

To do this we must be deliberate in the direction of our thoughts. Where focus goes, energy flows. Energy flows to encompass all that is intended in thoughts, in feeling, and in deed.

For example, you awaken and you say, “I am feeling awful, I have so much on my plate.” “This is going wrong, and this is not what I wanted.” “Why must I go to work?” You begin to flow in more types of experiences life this, due to that energy signature this indicates. Every moment, consciously or not we are bringing about experiences that expand us toward the dominate energy we are attending to, and what we notice.

Imagine shifting into more gratitude and appreciation. Things you experience will be more things that lend to that state. You will experience more things that yield moments of gratitude and appreciation. Spring up in the morning rejoicing over the day. Apply optimism, and frame your mind for success and prosperity.

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