Personally Free

The value of Peace of Mind is beyond what words can express. In our life we go through experiences drawing conclusions, and making notions about things. We bring those notions into reference in our perceptions. As we see things close to what we previously noticed we begin to say this is that, and that is this. Which closes us off to one point of experience. Which that point is the basis in which we have previously concluded.

Thus limiting us from going forward, because at times we think we know something. This knowing prohibits fresh experiences and limits our creative expansion.

Being personally free, is an idea we at journey to myself think is the basis of true agency. Not allowing the external to dictate what we want to express internally. So now we are focused on bringing inner intention to the outer experiences. Verse letting out perception code our inner conceptions.

Simply put, this is to do what you want, and live as you please. Invoking the energies of harmony, balance, and well-being to divulge inner passions. Express as you want, and to live from a state of joy and wonder.

Of course we will experience moments that are perceived as negative. but remember contrasting moments assist in narrowing of focus. Allowing us to know more of what we actually prefer.

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A Life without Pain is a Wolf in Sheep Clothes

If “hot” didn’t exist—Could you perceive “cold”?
Pain is the contrast in life helping guide you toward more of what you do want (Because now you know from experiencing what is undesirable) .
However most of us focus in the wrong direction. We see pain as happening to us, focusing on the feeling, instead of a lesson. Learn to apply the lesson as value and move forward.
Life is going to unfold, and you decide if you are the Victor or Victim.


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