Inner Peace

Calm, soothed, at ease– peace is living outside the noise. Sitting in a place of clarity. Knowing that in all that is seen, you are awareness at the core. Not taking on all things as yourself. Seeing that you truly are the observer. When we withdraw the value we give to the stimulus around us, we can see them without our attention being succumb to the waves of external circumstance, experience, and effects.

Inner Peace is about no longer carrying around emotions, feelings, and experiences. Telling the story of your life, that it is like this because of this. Not seeing that your life conditions can change once you began to focus on new conditions. Retelling the same story, perpetuates that same theme of events in your life.

Imagine, you as a person have grown, you’ve taken on new character traits, for the better of course. However, your friends that know you, are used to you being this particular way. You have expanded into more then what you were– but your friends’ perception of you is the same because they do not know the inner change that has taken place. So they can not experience you in this new capacity, because they are still holding the perception of you in this old capacity.

Now, life mirrors this same bending to perception. Life can began to produce new conditions as you begin to see things from a different vantage point. Life begins to mold into fresh, delicious events because you decided to change your perception of it. You placed value into experiencing unfamiliar moments, and not clinging onto the old ideas, beliefs, and conditions that you once saw life to be.

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A Life without Pain is a Wolf in Sheep Clothes

If “hot” didn’t exist—Could you perceive “cold”?
Pain is the contrast in life helping guide you toward more of what you do want (Because now you know from experiencing what is undesirable) .
However most of us focus in the wrong direction. We see pain as happening to us, focusing on the feeling, instead of a lesson. Learn to apply the lesson as value and move forward.
Life is going to unfold, and you decide if you are the Victor or Victim.


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