Be Yourself

It is a pleasure that you are here, Today I want to discuss being yourself and what I have come to know. Grace and Peace <3

I am being myself when I am operating in a way that is supportive of all my aspirations,  and impartial to the ideas, analyzes, judgments, or opinions given by others. I am simply aware they exist, if it is helpful I consider it– otherwise, I let the energy flow.

3 questions to ponder: Consider the qualities that make up who you are.

  1. Who do I know myself to be?
  2. What do I expect from life?
  3. What do I give to life?

Being yourself is allowing your inner self and desires to be expressed genuinely. Regardless of what others may say or think about you being yourself, be it. It helps to possess consistent and persistent character traits when aiming to live your best life. I personally define character as making the highest choice at any moment despite having someone to witness or not.

Where ever you go in your life vow to stay true to yourself. If you have to stand by yourself, stand, proudly letting the light within shine. Often times in life people require that you fit the mold, adhere to that status quo. They want so badly for you to fit the perceptions they have of you. In either case, it is not up to you to live your life to please others. In pursuit of fully expressing yourself, be sure you have principles that support a balanced wellbeing. Follow your heart with vision and action.

Finally, be truthful to yourself and then you can be truthful to others. To negate or ignore the truth to appease someone else is to sell yourself short and those you represent. By being yourself you have learned to release your ego. Fully aware that you are not in competition nor is there a need to compare yourself to anyone. People who permit the life within them to flow freely also know how to revel in excitement when they encounter others who live freely.

You were born to be different, diversity adds to the excitement of life. Whitney Houston has a beautiful voice, but no matter how angelic it sounds if every signer had the same exact voice and singing style we would be unenthused.  It is the variety of experiences and making conscious choices that allow the unfolding of life to be fulfilling. There are many combinations of events and unfoldings that could take place in a single day. In any given moment dare to unapologetically be yourself.

Quotes for Reflection:

There is nothing outside of yourself you need to be complete. Choose to be free at this moment.  — M. S

You create what is “normal”. Live well, and be deliberate in your decisions. — M.S

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