A Life without Pain is a Wolf in Sheep Clothes

A warm Hello to my Cultivators– all the doers in the world moving and shaking things up!

Welcome– before you watch today’s video I want to offer a preview of our discussion. Today I want you to consider the benefits of pain, understand it as an imperative link to the process of growth, and how your perspective can indicate your altitude.

I come to appreciate the events where pain is experienced. It was not always that way, along my journey I have come to realize the totality of the situation. At the point of conception, nature began to mold us. To create a vessel in which you would look out of and experience the dynamic present moment. Life’s experiences allow us a chance to mold it, a chance for us to decide what we prefer and what we do not prefer. Pain is another tool in the molding process.

Case in point, I met a couple who recently moved here from New York. They lived there shortly, after experiencing the winter they discovered they were not delighted by New York’s winter and should move somewhere with a warmer winter. Knowing that they are not cold dwellers it will help them for upcoming moving or travel plans.

Another instance, A young man I know, shared a story with me about a toxic relationship he recently ended. He told me moments during the relationship he felt he should not let the relationship persist. Ignoring his intuition, he continued on for 2 years, eventually being cheated on, and feeling a bit used. This guy’s story reminds me of 3 important things I want you to know:

  1. He asked what was the lesson he could learn.
  2. Seeking out the value of the experience put him in a position for growth, and the wisdom to be aware in situations where he receives guidance but ignores it.
  3. Self Love is expressing consideration to your self, all the while loving others fully but not at the risk of being blind.

But what I’m really alluding to is the idea that with a degree of difference you would not know if something was apart from its intended nature. You order chocolate ice cream, but they give you chocolate dyed, vanilla ice cream. After tasting, you would know that it is not what you ordered noticing the varying taste of chocolate and vanilla. By just glancing at the ice cream side by side you would not know there was a difference, but a change in interaction (by tasting) proved to discredit, what at first glance, you thought were two scoops of chocolate ice cream. The same can be said for some our most difficult moments. At first, the truth can bring pain, shame, disappointment, hurt, and other unpleasant emotions. As you shift your perspective you can start to see that it was beneficial “He/She left you”, or the good that can come out of “getting fired”, because otherwise, you would have not given yourself the go-ahead to commit to your true passion.

Two Beautiful Quotes to Sum Up the Written Portion of this Blog:

“Ay, I work hard, pray hard, pay dues, ay
I transform with pressure, I’m hands-on with effort
I fell twice before, my bounce back was special
Letdowns will get you, and the critics will test you
But the strong’ll survive, another scar may bless you, ah”

— Kendrick Lamar (Sia- The Greatest)

“You do not get what you want out of life. You get who you are!” –Les Brown

Video Coming Soon…. Thank You for your Patience Cultivators!!!!!!

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